Fake internet pharmacies have become a growing problem. Fake internet pharmacies have become a growing problem.

First, you should be aware of the many scammers who run fake online drugstore websites. You must verify the legitimacy of any online chemist before ordering medications.

It is also important to take reviews from the pharmaceutical industry seriously. Big Pharma wants Americans continue to buy “inflated and excessively-priced” pharmaceuticals from their local pharmacy. Big Pharma will often recommend that you buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies rather than paying more locally. To keep Canadian pharmacies out of reach, they use fear.

How can one ensure that an order is placed from a Canadian pharmacy and not fake online chemists?

Check the website for your pharmacy. The website should contain the number of the pharmacy license, the physical address, and the corporate body responsible for the operation. The majority of Canadian pharmacy regulatory agencies have a website listing the registered medical shops. You can search for pharmacies within Canada by visiting http://www.napra.org or locate the regulatory body in the province where your chemist is.

Also, you must find the number of the pharmacy on their site. To discuss your purchase, you must have a pharmacist available. Ask your pharmacist about their qualifications, and the amount of their license. If you wish, you can check the license number at the provincial regulator.

Another object worth examining is the Canadian Intercontinental Pharmacy Association seal. CIPA is a symbol of Canadian pharmacies that offer solutions to patients around the world. This seal does not guarantee anything. Fake web pharmacies have been known to take the CIPA seal and place it on their websites. Visit http://www.ciparx.ca to verify the legitimacy and use their Validate Member function. You should not use this site to search for a fake pharmacy online.

canadian pharmacy And typically the final item in order to look for over a Canadian pharmacy web site is the PharmacyChecker seal. Pharmacy Band is an independent company that verifies the legitimacy of Canadian pharmacies. It also checks for foreign pharmacies. A PharmacyChecker seal is required for pharmacies to advertise on Yahoo and Google. This is something Yahoo and Google take very seriously. You can verify the PharmacyChecker seal by browsing http://www.PharmacyChecker.com and clicking on on the Pharmacy Ratings and Profiles.